Our Founder Bishop Pierre Marie Lambert de la Motte (1624-1679)

Pierre Marie Lambert de la Motte was born on January 16th, 1624 in Lisieux of Normandie, Northwest of France, in a devout family of seven siblings. At the age of nine, while meditating on the Imitation of Christ, Pierre Marie was drawn to the Words of Jesus inviting His followers to pick up the Cross and follow Him. Hence, Pierre was inspired to establish a Congregation that gathers all those who love the Holy Cross of Christ.

He was ordained to priesthood on December 27, 1655.

He was appointed to Bishop of Bérythe (now is Beirut) on June 11, 1660. In responding the needs of evangelizing in the lands of Asia, the Holy See elected Bishop Pierre Marie Lambert as its Representative to begin the Missionary work in Vietnam, 1669. He was the first Bishop in Southern Vietnam.

Apostolate Accomplishments:

  • Ordained the first seven local priests in 1669
  • Established St. Joseph Seminary in Far-East Asia
  • Founded the Order of Lovers of Holy Cross in Northern Vietnam, 1670
  • Founded the Order of Lovers of Holy Cross at An Chi (Quang Ngai) in Southern Vietnam, 1671
  • Founded the Order of Lovers of Holy Cross in Thailand, 1672

Bishop Pierre Marie de la Motte peacefully rested in the Lord at 4:00A.M., June 15th, 1679, in Ayuddhya (now is Juthia), Thailand.

"Jesus Christ Crucified is the only object of my mind and heart." Bishop Pierre Marie Lambert De Lamotte