Parallel with religious education, the congregation is interested in the mission of Education, so that we can cultivate the seeds of God's Kingdom in the hearts of youth. This is also one of the four specific tasks that are enunciated by the Founder (Constitution # 76).

Aware of this importance, the QuiNhon Missionary Sisters of the Holy Cross is particularly dedicated to this ministry. Before the year of 1975, while doing parish ministry, the Sisters of the Holy Cross were also in charge of the elementary school in parishes. Since 1929-1975, the Sisters of the Holy Cross were in charge of 54 High Schools, including the two Trinh Vuong’s Elementary Schools in Qui Nhon and Nha Trang. After 1975, the Congregation refocused to serve in Preschools, Kindergartens, and Schools for needy children… Currently, in Vietnam, the Congregation has 15 Preschools, 9 Day Care Centers, Kindergartens, a School for the needy children and a Family Care in San Jose, California.